Creative Technology Club

Exclusive projects. Make amazing art, music, games, and learn to code.

From novice to master

Take on exclusive projects that make learning to code fun.

Try out the example projects. Code your own amazing creation – from fractals to platform games.

Get regular videos of tips, tricks, and new projects to try.

The building blocks of real code

Connect code blocks, see the JavaScript inside them. Learn about variables, logic, and loops.

Weekly missions

Every Tuesday, kids can take part in missions and win rewards.

Read the mission, complete the tasks.

Submit creations to Kano community during the week.

Earn staff picks and other rewards to jazz up a coding portfolio.

Join our community of makers

Be inspired, make, play, and share with our vibrant Kano World community of makers. Open any creation, see the code, and remix it to make something new.


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shared creations

More than just code

Kano tools let anyone unleash their creativity. Studio members get access to everything we've made, and can try out new tools before anyone else.

artopia pageartopia page artopia page

A multiplayer collaborative drawing platform just for kids. What is more fun than creating art with your friends?